Change is a Bite in the Shorts.

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The other day in my yoga class, my wonderful teacher started us off by remarking how Autumn is a change of season - and how, when the wind starts blowing the leaves all over the place, it can often create the same kinds of feelings inside of us. Tossed about. Upended. A little chaotic. I was certain she was talking SOLELY to me but then, of course, I could see all my fellow Murray Hill yogis shaking their heads and rolling their eyes in exasperation and agreement. Everyone seemed to be feeling a little windswept.

Change is good, as the saying sometimes goes - but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, periods of change  - even sought-after, welcome change - can be a big ‘ol bite in the shorts. As much as we may be looking forward to the changes and improvements we have invited, it still requires a letting-go of what we had before. We may need to learn new skills or ways of being - and the unfamiliarity can make us queasy.

It is in these moments of queasiness that we need to hold tight to the vision we have for our lives and ourselves. Yes, you may feel out of sorts, flummoxed, frustrated by all the ‘new’ or ‘different’ - but if your vision is strong and your goals are clear, then perhaps you can look on the frustrations as rites of passage? Badges of honor? Perhaps you can imagine how you will feel once you’re up and running in your new life/job/city/role and try to see the present challenges of change for the fleeting moments that they are. Even the windiest moment of an Autumn day eventually settles down.