Stop Dieting

Hard Habit To Break? Maybe Not!

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When was the last time you really and truly broke a habit?

Did you quit smoking?

Stop biting your nails?

Stop saying “like” so much?

What did you consciously  try to change - and how did you do it?

Habits are simply patterns of behavior that we continue to perform…..because they’re easy and comfortable on some level.

We get SO comfortable sometimes, that our habits start to feel ‘right’ - even if they’re bad for us.

We start to mistake our habits for an unchangeable part of who we are.

But they’re not unchangeable. And they’re not who you really are.

Your habits are simply the way you have become accustomed to behaving.

If you are in the habit of coming home after a long day and flopping yourself down on the couch with some chips - that’s not WHO you are. That’s just WHAT you’ve been doing.¬† In the beginning, it’s going to feel jarring and unnatural to come home and NOT do that.

You’ll adjust.

If you are in the habit of hitting the ‘snooze’ button several times each morning until another full hour has passed - then it’s going to feel absolutely BIZARRE to spring out of bed when the alarm goes off the first time.

Eventually, though, you’ll wake up before the alarm.

And if you are in the habit of eating in an unhealthy way - lots of fat, sugar, salt, soda, animal-based foods, and processed junk - then changing your diet to eliminate all those items is going to feel……well……REEEEALLY awful. At first.

But then you’ll feel FANTASTIC.

Things will shift. Because YOU shifted them. THAT’S who you are - a person who can change.

See, habits are not really ‘broken’ - they are REPLACED.

You don’t just STOP doing something you’ve always done - and everything magically shifts into joy and bliss.


You replace one set of behaviors (coming home and flopping on the couch) with another set of behaviors (coming home and going right back out to the gym).

You replace UNhealthy habits with healthier habits.

Instead of buying soda and a cookie at the convenience store when you’re on the run, you might buy some bottled water and a decent snack bar.

Instead of stocking your kitchen with ‘emergency’ cookies and chips and other unhealthy snacks, you might NOT buy those things in the first place - and stock the kitchen with healthy choices.

Instead of hitting ‘snooze’ for an hour each morning, you might use that hour to do some yoga or meditate or go for a run or read the paper.

Habits are just behaviors. And you can replace them whenever you choose.

Congratulations on your choice to make a change!