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Healthy Shopping Tip: Food Label Dealbreaker #1 [VIDEO]

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They say that when you’re dating, it’s good to have a list of your top 5 relationship ‘dealbreakers’ so that you don’t waste your time barking up the wrong tree.

Well, I think it’s a good idea to have ‘dealbreakers’ when it comes to the food you eat, too!

Sometimes dealbreakers come down to a matter of taste. For example, anything that’s super-spicy is a dealbreaker for me - because I just can’t handle it!

When I switched to a plant-based diet, anything that contained meat or dairy became a dealbreaker for me, too.

But if you’re not quite ready to part ways with animal-based foods, there are still a few food label dealbreakers that are worth having on your list.

Why It’s Important To Have Food ‘Dealbreakers’.

Not only will these dealbreakers help improve your overall health and your waistline, but they will also save you a few extra moments in the grocery store. No need to spend time staring at the food label, figuring out the calories and fat, wondering about ‘points’ or carbs or what have you.

If you see today’s dealbreaker word on the ingredient list of your food - that’s it. You’re done. Dealbreaker. It doesn’t matter what else might be in the food, it doesn’t matter how many vegetables it has, or how many grams of fiber. Yes. This dealbreakeer is SO NASTY for you that its horribleness outweighs any possible goodness that might be contained in the product.

What’s today’s dealbreaker?? It’s the word……


Responsible for trans fats, obesity, and an increased risk for heart disease, hydrogenated oils are completely heinous. A ‘foodstuff’ product that is not found in nature, hydrogenated oils were invented so that processed foods could last longer on store shelves.

Think about it. Oils are liquid when they’re at room temperature. Think about any oil you’ve ever seen, up close and in person. It’s a liquid! It pours!

The process of hydrogenation makes oils become SOLID at room temperature. It makes them fake and un-pourable and shelf-stable - so that they can last for years in grocery stores.

Why, oh, why would you EAT something like that?

Folks, it’s a dealbreaker of the highest order.

Once you’ve watched the video, please leave me a comment! What are some of your food label dealbreakers?