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Holiday Party Eating: 4 Quick Tips.

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Let’s get right to it, shall we?

I would like to offer you this quick little ‘cheat-sheet’ of tips for how you can successfully navigate the FOOD at all your holiday parties in the next few weeks.

Here we go. 4 quick tips.

1. Decide right now what you want.

Right now - as you’re reading this - decide how you would like to feel at the end of the holiday season, in terms of FOOD.

Do you want to feel like you ate well and didn’t over do it?

Do you want to feel 7lbs heavier?

Do you want to feel like a ‘victim’ of all the delicious food at all the parties?

Do you want to feel like YOU?

Decide. Right now. What is your ideal outcome?

2. Eat when you’re hungry.

If you’re going to a dinner party at 7:30pm - but you find yourself feeling hungry at 6:45pm - EAT.

I encourage you to eat something healthy when you’re hungry and NOT try the old trick of just ‘holding out’ until you get to the party. This rarely ever works!! You KNOW it doesn’t work.

What always happens?? You get to the party - starving - and you completely go mental, stuffing yourself with mixed nuts and cheesey hors d’oeuvres, because that’s what they have available when you arrive at the party.

You just inhaled a whole mess of calories - without even really tasting or savoring them - just to get some sustenance.


Eat when you’re hungry. It doesn’t have to be a full meal. But eat something to take the edge off.

3. Don’t eat if you’re not hungry.

Just because there’s a party, doesn’t mean you have to eat.

Just because your co-workers are eating, doesn’t mean YOU have to eat.

It may seem really obvious - but we often forget to ask ourselves: Am I Even Hungry Right Now?

Maybe the mood and the atmosphere (and the cocktails) are ENCOURAGING you to feel like celebrating with food.

But wanting to celebrate is different than feeling hungry.

Tune into YOU. Remember your ‘ideal outcome’ from Tip #1.

Don’t eat if you’re not hungry.

4. Make it special.

Let’s be honest. You can find cookies year-round.

True - lots of people bust out their cooking and baking skills over the holidays - so there are definitely MORE tasty treats at this time of year but, come on. There’s also a lot of year-round items that simply have been ‘dressed up’ for the holidays.

Do you need to waste your currency on those items?

If you’re going to indulge at a holiday party, make it COUNT.

Would you rather have the store-bought holiday donut-holes that Leon brought in?

Or would you prefer to save yourself for the homemade white-chocolate bread pudding that Phyllis bakes once a year?

Fried appetizers from the bar across the street? Or unique creations hand-made by your host?

Make it special. Make it an experience. If you’re going to splurge, make sure it’s worth it - and worth remembering.

Wishing you happy, healthy, holidays!