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How To Accidentally Eat Too Much.

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Okay, it’s an odd title for a blog post. Not many folks are actually looking for instructions on how to eat too much. It’s a ‘skill’ that many of us already possess, am I right?

But I think it’s worth a little more discovery and understanding today - because overeating is pervasive, and it could be sabotaging your otherwise healthy diet. And who needs that?

So let’s have a quick look and come out the other side super-smart.

Overeating Makes Your Body Sad.

Eating more food than you need - even if it’s ‘healthy’ food  - is still an unhealthy habit, I’m sorry to say. When you overeat, you put your body into a state of overwork and stress. Much like when your boss hands you an absurd amount of work that needs to be completed by Friday. You may be able to get it all done, but it takes a nasty toll on you. Other parts of your life tend to suffer and take a hit.

The same is true when you overfeed your body - giving it more food than it can actually handle. It’s a terrible burden on your poor innards - and one of the ways the damage shows up is that  you gain unwanted weight. It also makes your liver really cranky.

But I’m not trying to overeat.

Trust me - there is a WAY that overeating happens - it doesn’t just come out of nowhere - and if you can learn all the steps that go into the process, then you have a better chance at recognizing the signs, changing your habits - and improving your health.

Think of it this way. If you want to avoid drowning, you need to learn how to swim - but you must also understand how and why people tend to drown.  It’s not always because they can’t swim.

Good swimmers can drown for all sorts of reasons - rip currents, fatigue, undertow (God, this post is morbid…) - but if you KNOW about those potential risks, you have a better shot at avoiding them and…not drowning.

You can be a healthy eater and still overeat.The same is true for how you eat. I consider myself an incredibly healthy eater - a ‘good’ eater - and yet, as I wrote a few weeks back, I still accidentally gained 5lbs by overeating. You can read about my misadventure right here: Why Portion Control Is So &%#! Difficult.

My point, though, is that you can be a healthy eater and still overeat, if you’re not mindful of certain behaviors. So even though you may think you know ‘How To Eat’, I’d like to help you learn ‘How To OverEat’, so that you can recognize the signs - and stop doing it.

Are you with me? Let’s get to it.

In no particular order, I give you…

How To Overeat

  1. Think only of your current meal, with no regard for what else you may have already eaten that day, or what you might be eating later on.

  2. Pay no attention to the size of your plate, bowl, cup - and just fill it until it’s full.

  3. Eat until all the food on your plate is gone - no matter how much you were served, and even if you feel full.

  4. Eat quickly. Just get all the food in your mouth as fast as possible.

  5. Do lots of other things while you’re eating - play on your phone, check your email, drive, walk-and-talk, watch a movie.

  6. Eat chips, cookies, and other snacks straight from the package.

  7. Pay no attention to the serving size listed on the nutrition label - just serve yourself whatever seems like a good amount.

  8. Associate television watching with eating. Always eat when you watch TV - no matter what.

  9. Tell yourself that the calories from alcohol aren’t really ‘real’, ‘cos they’re not food, so they don’t count.

  10. Never eat when you’re hungry. Only eat when you are happy, sad, lonely, bored, celebrating - or because everyone else is eating.

You are the boss of YOU.Now, do some of the items on this list seem obvious? Perhaps - but perhaps not. That’s the tricky thing about overeating - it is often mindless and accidental.

Hopefully, now that you have a better idea of HOW accidental overeating happens, you will have more tools at your disposal to stop it in its tracks!

Remember - you are seriously stronger than any food that may be in front of you. You are the boss of YOU - and you control your fork.

Isn’t that good news?