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Ditch The 2lb Two-Step - OR - How To Stop Losing And Gaining The Same 2lbs Over and Over Again.

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How many times has this happened to you in, say, the past 6 months:

You get serious about losing weight.

Like, really serious.

You’re going to DO it this time - for real - and nothing is going to trip you up.

And so you keep a food journal, you avoid sugar and cocktails, you bring your own lunches, you go to the gym 4 times a week, you eat ‘special’ food while the rest of the family eats the ‘real’ meal, and you resist all the cake and cookies that your saboteurs at work have brought in.

And - ta da! Victory - after about a week, you get on the scale and discover that you’ve managed to lose 2lbs.

It worked! Your efforts paid off! Hooray! Things are moving in the right direction!

And so what do you do next?

Why, you celebrate by gaining it right back, of course.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

I call this The 2lb Two-Step.

It’s a simple dance that consists of losing and gaining the same 2lbs over and over again. You’re down, you’re up, you’re down, you’re up….and the dance never ends.

We talk about this quite a bit in my Healthy Habits Club - because our focus is on long-term, sustainable health and weight loss, which isn’t always a linear adventure.

Look - it’s inevitable that your weight will fluctuate a little bit here and there. It’s normal and not a sign that there’s anything wrong with you.

That’s not the ‘dance’ I’m talking about, however.

I’m talking about the dance when you have 5lbs - or 75lbs - that you want to lose…and you can’t break past a certain minimal threshold without gaining back what you’ve lost. You can’t get any traction.

If you are working on larger weight loss goals, the 2lb Two-Step is a source of major frustration.

So why does it happen? What the heck is going on - and how can you…sit out the next dance, so to speak?

Listen - I know you want to be healthier - and I know you want to lose this weight. I hear you. I believe you.

I will suggest, however, that in order to change the dance you’re doing - ya gotta play a different song in your head.

In my experience with clients and club members alike, if you’re stuck in the 2lb Two-Step, you’re hearing a song in your head that goes something like this:

Oh, thank God, I lost 2lbs. Now I can relax a little bit and not worry so much about that second glass of wine or those nibbles of the kids’ fries or that extra cookie. I deserve it. I lost some weight. It’s all good now. I can ease up. I’ve got this.

Okay, so it’s a song that doesn’t rhyme.

But you see that when you ‘relax’ around the things that helped you lose those 2lbs in the first place - it’s almost guaranteed that you will gain those 2lbs back.

Does this mean you are condemned to a life of eternal vigilance and misery, suffering and deprivation? Not in my club and not on my watch.

But you do need to commit to thinking differently about how you care for and feed yourself.

Here’s just a snippet of a different song you might play in your head:

Oh, hooray - and good for me! I lost 2lbs. I’m on my way. What I’m doing is working - and so I will keep doing it! When I participate in my own care and feeding, when I am conscious of what, how, when, and why I eat, I see the results I want to see! I can’t wait to keep going down this successful path!

Try to imagine this song as a big, brassy, Broadway type number.

But seriously -

Do you know that Winston Churchill quote, “If you’re going through hell - keep going” ?

Well, while I certainly don’t mean to equate losing weight with anything hellish - because, if you’re doing it right, it’s incredibly satisfying, rewarding, and even fun - the advice is the same.

If you have successfully lost a few pounds, and you hope to lose more, KEEP GOING.

Just. Keep. Going.

To your health and success!