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I'm a Health Coach and I Gained 8lbs.

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Hi. I’m a Certified Life Coach and Health Coach.

My job is to help people lose weight and get healthy.

And recently, I managed to gain 8lbs without even noticing it -  all the while helping OTHER people lose all kinds of weight.


How did THAT happen?

Aren’t I supposed to know better?

If I’m going to help other people, shouldn’t I have this all figured out?

Well, yes. Kind of. In a way.

But, as a living, breathing, fallible human being - stuff happens.

LIFE happens.

I gained unwanted pounds the same way most people gain unwanted pounds:

Emotional eating.

Not paying attention.

Underestimating how much you’re taking in.

Not moving enough.

Here’s my little weight-gain story and, more importantly, I’ll tell you how I lost those extra pounds with a minimum of fuss.

How I gained 8lbs.

It was the summer. We had to say goodbye to my extraordinary 17-year old pup, Cosmo. I was despondent and laid flat by the loss.

As a result of my pain, the last thing I felt like doing was bouncing around in an exercise class. It’s hard to do Zumba when your heart feels so heavy. If they’d had a fitness class where you do a slow, steady march to a dirge played on bagpipes, perhaps I would have gone to that….

I also felt so profoundly empty without my sweet little friend that it seemed like a great idea to eat noodles and bread all the time. The weight of the dough in my gut felt kinda-sorta-maybe the same as being ‘filled up’ with love and companionship.

Besides - at least while I was (over)eating, I had a few moments of not feeling so sad. Putting food on top of my pain seemed to quell it for a little bit.

And so it went on like that from July until September. Noodles. Bread. Cookies. Fat. In any quantity. A minimum of movement. Life felt hard and overwhelming - and eating made it feel a little bit better and more manageable.

The 8lb gain probably wasn’t all that noticeable to other people - but 8lbs is pretty close to 10lbs……and then it’s only a hop-skip-and-a-cake to being 15lbs overweight.

The moment it caught up to me.

As the time passed, my heart began to heal. I felt more like myself again. I regained some perspective - and I didn’t cry every day anymore.

And then - seemingly overnight (although it actually took 2 months) - my clothes felt tighter.

My jeans felt a little….squeeze-tastic.

My pant-legs seemed a little shorter.

I was getting an eeeeeever-so-slight ‘extra-layer’ around my middle.

Then, one day, I caught a glimpse of myself in a store window - those store window reflections will get ya every time - and there was so much more of my a** trailing behind me that I almost did a double-take.


What the what?


How I lost 8lbs.

I immediately jerked a knot in my own tail, and declared that losing my pal did not have to mean losing my BODY.

I went back to the principles that I share with my clients - and which I believe in with all my heart and soul:

Eat high-quality, tasty food when you’re hungry - and stop when you’re full.

Minimal sugar.

Minimal oil.


Whole foods.

Eat slowly, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


And, in even less time than it took me to gain the 8lbs, I lost them.

Why am I telling you this?

I’m not trying to gloat. Or garner sympathy.

I want you to know that there is no ‘perfect’.

You don’t lose weight and then - boom - you never have to think about it again. Your weight needs to be managed on a daily basis - just the way you need to keep taking care of your hair and your teeth.

Without the daily attention, even a health coach can gain almost 10lbs - just like that.

What matters is the awareness. What’s going on in your body? What’s going on in your emotional life? How is it playing out in the way you’re using food?

I became aware at 8lbs - and I took action to reverse an unhealthy trend.

Truth be told, I will probably put on a few extra pounds at some other point in my future, too. I’m not ‘perfect’ and our bodies aren’t stagnant.

But my awareness and acceptance of this possibility will help me catch it a little sooner - and zap those pounds off just as quickly as they appeared.

Whether you have gained 8lbs - or 80lbs - you can begin the process of reversing the trend right this very second. I speak from experience - and I can help.