Questions For You

Is It True?

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One of my new favorite questions at the moment is: Is It True??

This one little question can bust open a whole new line of thinking and reveal so many OTHER options that might be available you. So often, we don’t question our own thoughts and beliefs - and yet, with just a little bit of inquisitive poking and prodding, it’s possible to break out of an unhelpful thought pattern and move forward to something wonderful!

Here are some examples:

  • Is it true that you can’t make a big change in your life?
  • Is it true that no one will pay you any more than what you’re making right now?
  • Is it true that happiness is for other people?
  • Is it true that you’re not making enough money right now to live comfortably?
  • Is it true that you have done “everything” to find a new partner/job/client?

This is just a short list, of course, but I encourage you to apply this simple question - Is It True? - to anything you may be saying to yourself that’s keeping you stuck.