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How To Break Your Sugar Addiction Using The Rule Of 9.

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Hey, guys! A few weeks ago, I shared my Sugar-Free Success Formula with you. It’s the exact 5-step strategy I live by to keep my diet low in sugar, my energy constant all day, and my weight stable and happy.

If you missed it - no worries - you can see the full post right here: The Sugar-Free Success Formula

It is my humble belief that if you give yourself two weeks and commit to all the steps in the formula, you will experience some dramatic improvements in your energy, your waistline, and your sugar cravings.

That said…..a lot of people feel overwhelmed by trying to do ALL the steps at once (even though it totally works, and you should totally do all the steps….).

So today I’m going to tell you how doing just ONE step of the formula - the Rule Of 9 - can make a significant solo impact on your health - and your sugar habit. If you’re looking for a good place to start - this is IT.

But first - briefly…..

What’s The Big Deal About A Sugar Addiction?

Let’s break it down.

If you have a sugar addiction, you are placing a terrible burden on your body. You are inviting weight gain, inflammation - and long-term health issues.

When you eat more sugar than you need, it causes INFLAMMATION in your body. INFLAMMATION is the beginning stage of almost all disease.

If you reduce the INFLAMMATION in your body, you can stay lean and healthy for longer.

You can reduce INFLAMMATION by reducing SUGAR.

How To Know If You Have A Sugar Addiction.

You might have a sugar addiction if:

  • You never or rarely check your food labels for sugar content.
  • You think you’re doing everything ‘right’, but you’re still not losing weight.
  • You drink soda - even diet soda.
  • You start every morning with juice.
  • Your energy is like a rollercoaster throughout the day.
  • You get the shakes and the sweats when you’re hungry.
  • You can eat a lot of pasta, bread, crackers, chips  - and you don’t feel full.
  • You MUST have dessert or something sweet after your meals.
  • You snack on candy.

If any of this sounds like YOU…read on to learn the simplest way to reclaim your control.

SOLUTION: The Rule Of 9!

The Rule of 9 goes like this: As a general rule of thumb, I want you to only purchase or eat food that contains 9gms of sugar per serving – OR LESS.

This rule of 9 applies to anything and everything that you purchase in the grocery store, purchase as a snack, or cook in your home. If it has a nutrition label, you will be able to know this information. Apply the rule.

Why Does This Work For A Sugar Addiction??

Here’s the scoop.

The human body only needs approximately 8 tsps - or 32 gms - of sugar every day to function (slightly more for men, slightly less for women).

To give you an idea of what that looks like in real life,  a medium-sized orange contains about 9 gms of sugar.

An 8oz glass of orange JUICE, however, contains about 24 gms of sugar.


That’s almost all your required sugar for the day!

I’ll bet you didn’t realize how much sugar you were taking in - just from a small glass of morning OJ!


Half the time, we have NO CLUE how much sugar we’re taking in. And so, before we know it, we’ve eaten about 100 gms of sugar in a single day.

That’s. Too. Much. Sugar.

You’re in the throes of a full-on sugar addiction.

The Rule of 9 is your guideline. It’s your simple way to stay connected and aware of what you’re actually putting in your mouth. It will help keep the sugar addiction at bay.

The Rule Of 9 has the potential to dramatically reduce the amount of sugar you’re eating on a daily basis - and it’s a simple gut-check that’s easy to apply.

The Rule Of 9 In Real Life.

The Rule of 9 is not about perfection - so, if you are prone to obsessing over these kinds of things, please let it go!

In all likelihood, you are not going to be able to apply the Rule of 9 when you’re eating in restaurants, or eating at a friend’s house - because that kind of food doesn’t come with a label!

You’re going to have to use your common sense in certain situations (Please refer to the full Sugar-Free Success Formula for more comprehensive guidelines to keep your diet low in sugar).

The Rule Of 9 is intended for anything - ANYTHING - that has a nutrition label on it.

Your cereal.

Your store-bought snacks.

Your morning oatmeal.

Your yogurt.

Your peanutbutter.

Your cookies.

Your pasta sauce.

Your beverages.

Get the picture?

If it has a nutrition label, apply the rule. If a product - ANY product -  has more than 9 gms of sugar per serving, WALK AWAY.

What On Earth Am I Going To Eat?

Whenever people start living by The Rule Of 9, they all have that moment where they say to themselves, “Oh my God, I’ve been eating SO much sugar that I didn’t even know about. What on earth can I eat that ISN’T high in sugar??!!”

The answer is: A LOT.

MY PROMISE TO YOU: There ARE sugar-free or low-sugar alternatives to just about everything you are already eating. You just have to start looking.

Sometimes you will find these alternatives sitting on the shelf right next to what you usually buy. Who knew it was there all along?

Sometimes you might have stop off at a health food store, Trader Joe’s, or order something on Amazon. But usually not - truly. More often than not, it’s just a matter of picking a different brand in the grocery store.

Try to look on this as an opportunity to try something new and to let your taste buds begin to adjust their sense of sweetness.

Some ‘Rule Of 9’ Shopping Tips

You already know that you’re going to be checking the sugar content on every single product you buy in the store. Eventually, you will know which brands fall in line with The Rule Of 9.

Here are a few time-saving tips, though, to help you reach for the low-sugar items right from the get-go:

  • Don’t even bother with products that contain the words Frosted, Honey, Fruity, Maple-sweetened, Berry-flavored, Vanilla-scented, or Choco.
  • Skip fruit juice and lemonade entirely.
  • Stay away from ‘fat-free’ or ‘diet’ salad dressings, cookies, sauces, etc. They usually replace the fat with sugar (or fake sweeteners)  - so the product won’t meet The Rule Of 9.
  • Choose chocolate that has 85% cocoa. It’s DARK (and so yummy!) - and it usually has less than 6 grams of sugar!
  • Choose whole grain cereals with no ‘bells and whistles’ (no freeze-dried berries,  honey clusters, or what have you). Add your own fresh fruit!

For more healthy shopping tips, check out my resource page! Healthy Shopping Tips.

To your health!