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Thanksgiving Survival Strategy: It's Just One Meal.

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Okay, here’s the thing: Don’t freak out about Thanksgiving and your weight and your ‘diet’ and your health.

It’s going to be okay. I promise.

Let’s break it down for a second.

People get freaked out about Thanksgiving dinner because it’s such an iconic meal. The stuffing, the sweet potatoes with marshmallows, the casseroles, the PIES (ohhhh, the pies…..).

It’s gone from being a holiday about gratitude, to being a holiday about decadent FOOD. Yes, there was a feast involved in the original Thanksgiving story - but we’ve kind of taken that ‘feast’ and turned it into an opportunity to go bonkers with the food.

Here’s what: It’s just one meal.

And - honestly? - it’s just one meal that’s made up of food you’ve probably eaten a number of times in the past.

Don’t you already know what the mashed potatoes taste like? Haven’t you already eaten pumpkin pie at some point in your life? Doesn’t somebody make the same green bean casserole every year?

My point is that you have already had the experience of eating all these wonderful, delicious foods for the first time.

Perhaps you don’t need to over-indulge in them this year, as if you’ll never have them again as long as you live. You probably will. In fact, you’ll probably have them the day AFTER Thanksgiving as leftovers. They’re not going anywhere.

Try this idea on for size: Perhaps you could eat exactly what you want on Thanksgiving.

Nothing is ‘off-limits’.

Perhaps you could taste everything on your Thanksgiving table.

Taste. Enjoy. Savor. Delight.

Maybe you don’t need to feel STUFFED this year?

Maybe this is the year when you don’t feel derailed by this one meal. Instead, you feel in control, in charge, and light on your feet.

It’s just one meal.

And a special note for those of you who are traveling over Thanksgiving and who will be staying with family - in addition to facing down this one Thanksgiving meal:

I strongly, strongly, strongly encourage you to make a plan and set some goals for the holiday week. For example:

Maybe your goal is to maintain your weight, as opposed to gaining?

Maybe your goal is to find a way to exercise every day?

Maybe your goal is to throw caution to the wind, eat whatever you want, and not think about it until you’re back at home?

Make a plan. Decide. Choose.

You are the boss of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!