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The Last Time You Lost Weight.....

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The last time you lost weight……how did you do it? Whenever I ask people this question, the specific answers may be different, but they all usually share a similar theme. People will say, “Oh, the last time I lost weight, I was training for a marathon,” or “I was doing an 8-week bootcamp with my sister,” or, “I was following this cleanse that had me eating loads of fruits and vegetables and nothing white”.

In essence, they are saying: I was exercising and eating right.

Nobody answers by saying, “The last time I lost weight, I was exercising once every two weeks, drinking every night, and eating my weight in sugar”. Ya just don’t hear that.

The painful truth is that we KNOW what it takes to lose weight. Ya gotta exercise and ya gotta eat mindfully. You can go about it in the form of marathons, bootcamps, cleanses, regimens - whatever most appeals - but the underlying thread of any of these methods is that they will get you exercising more and paying attention to what you eat. And science - as well as experience - tells us that IT WORKS.

So why don’t we do it all the time? Why do we knowingly NOT do what works once the bootcamp is over or the marathon has been run?

It’s crazy-making, isn’t it? To know what you need to be doing…..but not to do it. For some reason. Well…what’s the reason?

If your goal is to eat better, lose weight, exercise more - anything health-related - what are you saying to yourself that leads you away from making healthy choices? In those moments of choice that come about each day - “I can change into workout clothes, or I can change into pajamas” - what are you saying to yourself?

How are you talking yourself out of healthy choices?