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The Only Question You Need To Ask When Food Shopping.

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I’ve written a lot recently about what to look for on a food label, or how to maximize your fiber intake - all with the aim of helping you make healthy, informed choices. Sometimes the deck is stacked against us as consumers, and it’s not as simple as it should be to make a TRULY healthy choice.

Today, I’d like to break things down even further and offer you ONE very simple question you can ask yourself at the grocery store before you plop anything into your cart.

The fact is - you can’t eat what’s not in your home. You have tremendous power when you’re standing in the grocery store to either help yourself…..or sabotage yourself. The choice is absolutely yours!

Haven’t we all been in that situation where it’s late in the evening, you’re watching TV…and you find yourself craving a snack?

And, in those moments, it’s rare that the snack we’re craving is…..carrot sticks.


When boredom strikes and food is calling, we’re usually drawn to things like chips, cookies, or something greasy. Salt, sugar, or fat. Or all three.

We eat these snacks and we alternate between feeling pleasure, guilt, and regret - as we slowly become slaves and addicts to the sugar, salt, and fat that they contain. It’s so hard to put these snacks down once the chemistry is set in motion.

Some people develop some pretty creative strategies for battling these addictive foods and regaining control. These include:

  • Asking someone to physically take the snack away from you.

  • Throwing the snack in the garbage and pouring dish detergent on it to render it inedible.

And my personal favorite…..just eating the whole thing so that it’s gone.

Tell the truth: Have you ever finished all the cookies just so that you could get them out of the house??

Well, imagine this: What if the cookies were never IN the house to begin with?

I invite and encourage you to do yourself a colossal favor and apply the following question to every item you are considering buying at the grocery store:

Coach Nicole’s Grocery Question

In my weakest moments, will it enhance my health or sabotage my health to have this food in the house?

That’s it.

That’s the question.

When you have your hand on a bag of chips…..ask the question.

As you’re placing the Cool Whip into the shopping cart…..ask the question.

When you’re considering the processed, frozen, microwaveable ‘quick-fix’ foods…….ask the question.

Will the food that you are about to purchase and bring in to your home HELP you on your path to health…or will it set you back??

Set yourself up for success in those late-night snacky moments. Act in your own best interest in those bright-eyed, lucid moments in the grocery store when you have the strength and the wherewithal to choose wisely.

Take care of yourself.