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What Do You Deserve?

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Tell the truth: Deep, deep down, when no one is looking…..what do you really believe you deserve in this life?

What is it like to answer that question? Is your answer on the tip of your tongue? Or do you struggle to decide what you deserve?

The concept of ‘deserving’ can be a tricky one for some folks. The belief that you deserve happiness, success, health, love, can be a difficult idea to fully embrace. One person may feel that everybody deserves happiness…..except him. On the flip side, another person may feel that NOBODY deserves anything - except her! Deserving can be very complicated. And what I feel I deserve may be very different from what another person feels I deserve. But, for our purposes here, the LAST thing we want to do is listen to other people about what we deserve.

According to the dictionary widget on my iMac, the word ‘deserve’ means:

To do something or have or show qualities worthy of (reward or punishment)

The way you feel about your own worth - whether you feel that you have earned reward or punishment in this life - is going to color the way you move through your world. If, deep down, you believe that you deserve punishment, the chances of finding a peaceful love will be slim. If, at your core, you believe that you are unworthy of success, then you may make choices along the way that sabotage any shot of advancement. And, if you are able to actually find love, success, and happiness, sometimes the GUILT can be overwhelming if, deep down, you don’t feel that you deserve it.

To be clear, I do not mean to confuse deserving with MERIT. You may feel that you deserve to be the CEO of your company, but you may not merit the position just yet. Consider, though, that the goals we seek, the people we fall for, the ideals we strive for are all a reflection of what we feel deep down that we DESERVE.

What kind of life do you really, really deserve?

How is your idea of what you deserve helping you move forward and enjoy your life?

How is it holding you back?