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What To Do If You Have Already Broken Your New Year's Resolution.

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Well, that was fast.

We’re exactly 1 week - 7 days - into the new year and…yeah, well, you may have already broken one or more of your new year’s resolutions.

Maybe you ate wheat, when you were trying to do that gluten-free thing.

Maybe you didn’t wake up extra-early to meditate.

Maybe you went for impromptu cocktails with your co-workers instead of going to the gym.

Whatever it was, breaking a pledge/promise/resolution to yourself can feel crummy, frustrating, and maybe even a little bit…hopeless.

But before you start beating yourself up for ‘failing again’ - I beg of you to keep reading!

Whereas you might be saying to yourself:

“Man, I am WEAK. I can’t even make it 7 days without bailing on myself again. But this is what always happens. I just don’t have any discipline”.

I would like to offer you a different song to sing. It goes like this:

“New Year’s Resolutions are dumb. They force me to think in absolutes, and they don’t leave me any room to understand myself better or realistically make changes that are sustainable. I am not a failure. I have been failed by the concept of resolutions”.

Doesn’t that go down a little easier?

Now I don’t mean to suggest that you do not play any role at all in bailing on your resolutions.

But I would like to offer you a different way forward - so that you can set yourself up to actually follow through and succeed.

What To Do If You Have Already Broken Your New Year’s Resolution.

1. Start over.
Who really cares about the date on the calendar? No one is keeping score. As I say all the time to my clients and club members, you can start over with your very next choice. So it’s not January 1st anymore. Big whoop. You’re never behind - just begin again.

2. Answer a few questions.
Perhaps this is an opportunity to understand yourself a bit better. Maybe there are some questions to be answered that could help you move forward in a stronger way. Take a look at my Healthy Habits Workbook and see what it’s like to go through the same effective process I use with my private clients. Lasting, meaningful change requires honesty, insight, and action - and my workbook can help you get started.

3. Set yourself up to succeed.
Successful lives are organized around winning strategies. That might sound very ‘corporate’ and abstract - but hear me out. If you’re trying to lose weight, a winning strategy would be to make sure that there is always healthy food in your kitchen - so that take-out and ice cream are not your only options at the end of a long day. Making the time to go food shopping is a strategy that will set you up to be successful. What are some other strategies that could nudge the odds in your favor?

4. Don’t be a loner.
We place a lot of value in our society on going it alone and doing things for yourself. I do believe that there’s a time and place for that kind of thinking - but not always. When it comes to certain goals - particularly health goals - having a support system of likeminded folks can be the difference between success…and the status quo. Most people do better with a bit of a cheering section, rooting them on. Find a buddy, or join a group, and allow yourself to be accountable, inspired, and motivated by the people around you. There’s nothing like it! My Healthy Habits Coaching Club is a fabulous place to start ;)