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What To Do When You're Sick Of Being Healthy.

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The other day, someone said to me, “I’m sick of being healthy”.

She went on to say that being healthy had become tedious, boring, too much work, no fun - and she felt deprived all the time.

It’s an immediate red flag when I hear this, by the way - because if you’re feeling deprived, then….you’re doing it wrong. I can help you HERE.

Anyway -

This woman was particularly frustrated that she would have to keep being healthy FOREVER - particularly when her life was so hectic and there would always be holidays and birthdays and parties that would keep popping up. It was just too much to keep up with.

Here’s what I said to her about all that (and I’m paraphrasing and adding to my shpiel):

You are not sick of being ‘healthy’. You are sick of paying attention to yourself.

You actually enjoy being healthy - because you feel better, you lose weight, you have energy again, and your jeans fit.

You are sick of caring enough, however - all the time - to keep your healthy habits going. It feels like ‘work’ - but the work isn’t in making the choices, the work is in caring and remembering that you have a goal in sight.

When you remember that you’re working towards a lighter, leaner body or a healthier heart, your choices are quite easy to make.

But you have to remember what you’re after - and the remembering can feel like ‘effort’ when there’s a plate of fried zucchini at the table.

In any event -

The solution is not to throw up your hands in defeat and exasperation.

The solution is to rediscover your own value - and the value in your goals.

The solution is to create a strong vision of who you want to be and the results you’d like to create.

When you have a powerful and compelling vision dangling right in front of your nose (fitting into a certain dress, getting off your blood pressure medication, feeling good naked, etc) you don’t mind doing what needs to be done in order to achieve your goals.

When it matters, you do it.

So make it matter. Make YOURSELF matter.

Think about it. You don’t have to try too hard to remember to give your children what they need, or to take your pet out for walks.

We take care of the things we love. It’s easy.

Sure - there are moments that are frustrating, when we’re tired and cranky and don’t feel like cooperating - but those moments pass quickly when we remember the greater goal.

The work is in remembering your goal.

And when you care about yourself enough, it becomes easier and easier to remember your goals.

Make your goals specific and meaningful to you so that they resonate - and know that your goals may change from time to time.

Look. There will always be holidays and birthdays. There will always be drinks after work. There will always be someone who brings a box of cupcakes to your workplace. This is life. There’s always going to be SOMEthing that pops up that can throw you off your game.

So how are you going to handle it?

You’re not sick of being healthy. Not at all.

Take a deep breath, remember your goals - and remind yourself why they matter.

It will all feel easy again in no time.

And if you’re still feeling overwhelmed, punished, and deprived, I really can help you HERE and HERE.