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What To Do When You Suddenly Wake Up Overweight.

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Don’t you hate it when you wake up one morning and, somehow, you gained 20lbs?

I know. It’s such a drag.

I’m teasing, of course - but this is something I hear a lot, from clients and non-clients alike: “I don’t know how it happened! It’s like I gained all this weight overnight!”.

Bodies can be weird, no doubt - but I’ll go out on a limb and say that nobody gains 20lbs between 11pm Tuesday and 7am on Wednesday. Just doesn’t happen.

What does happen is that slowly, over time, we stop paying attention.

That ‘occasional treat’ becomes a daily occurrence.

We get a little whimsical with our portion sizes.

We’re excessively generous with the olive oil, the butter, the ‘handfuls’.

And we let more and more time pass in between workouts.

Weight is sneaky and tricky. It’s not like you get ‘fat’ from a single meal or even from a single weekend of over-indulging. Can you imagine if it worked that way? We’d have to change our clothes several times a day just to keep up with all the ups and downs!


You gain weight because of a series of choices you’ve been making over time.

It starts to add up. You don’t always see it happening AS it’s happening….but it’s happening. And then comes that morning when you go to put on your pants and they are ‘Officially Too Tight’. Things changed seemingly overnight.

Health and weight loss happens the same way - much to everyone’s dismay. It takes longer than we’d like. It happens slowly - over time.

But just as you made the choices that have led you to a heavier weight and possible sickness, you can make the daily choices that lead you in the other direction.

The end result? You’ll wake up one morning and suddenly your clothes will fit nicely, you’ll have energy for living your life, you’ll feel strong and lean and light on your feet. Seemingly overnight.

What kinds of choices am I talking about? Well - and here comes a brazen and shameless plug - I offer a lot of easy suggestions in my book, ‘Proud Not Perfect: A Practical Approach To Healthy Habits - No Dieting Or Deprivation Allowed’.

All kidding and self-promotion aside (although, seriously, you should check out my book), the power is in your hands. It’s your choices, man. Are you going to work out today or not? Are you going to snack from the bag or not? Are you going to keep grazing at the dinner table or not?

Lookee here - it doesn’t have to be painful. It’s the little things that add up.

  • Ask for the ‘small’ instead of the ‘medium’ or ‘large’.
  • Pour chips into a smaller dish so that you’re not just feeding from a giant bag.
  • Purchase and/or order the whole grain version of rice, pasta, breads, etc.
  • Go easy on the oil.
  • Eat slowly - so that you can recognize when you’re full.

These are just a few of the teeny-tiny, daily choices that can change the state of your health and your weight - seemingly overnight. Could you make these kinds of choices on a regular basis?

And if you’re looking for some more direction, or a strong way to begin, I have a lot of solid free guidance right over here on this page.

You can also, um, check out my book.

To your overnight success!