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Where I Bust The Biggest Myth About Healthy Eating.

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Today I am going to bust open the biggest myth that I hear about healthy eating.

Might you be under the false spell of this myth?

Let’s find out.

MYTH: I want to eat healthier, but healthy eating takes too much time.



I hear this constantly and it always leaves me scratching my head.

If you are of the belief that healthy eating takes too much time - more time than you have - please, please, please, give me just a few moments here to give you a different perspective.

I won’t try to convince you to MAKE the time for healthy eating. I’m going to show you how you already have the time - and it’s so much easier (and faster) than you think!

Are you with me?


Belief #1: Healthy eating requires lots of planning and prep work.

Reality: That’s not ‘healthy eating’. That’s just cooking.

Any time you want to prepare a meal at home in your kitchen, you have to plan for it and prepare.

Whether you’re making a 4-cheese lasagna or a quinoa casserole - you have to go to the store, buy your ingredients, unpack them, chop what needs chopping, and put it all together.

Cooking takes time - healthy or not.

Then you have to cook it.

Yes - you may be more familiar with some unhealthy recipes - so it feels like it’s ‘quicker’ to cook what you know - but, I promise, it takes no more time to cook a healthy recipe than an unhealthy recipe.

Belief #2: It’s faster to just heat up a frozen pizza or pop something in the microwave.

Reality: There are healthy frozen pizzas and microwave dinners.

It’s 2013.

Just because it’s a ‘frozen dinner’ no longer has to mean that it’s garbage.

To be clear, there are plenty - PLENTY - of yuck-tastic, unhealthy, fat-laden, chemical-laden frozen dinners and pizzas out there for your self-destruction (!).

But there are also so many - SO MANY - fabulous, healthy, whole food, vegetable-rich frozen dinners and pizzas available out there for your health! Check out brands like Amy’s Organic, Annie’s Homegrown, Gardein, Kashi, Seeds of Change, CedarLane.

There are healthy frozen dinners these days.

And don’t forget all the frozen vegetables that you can nuke in the microwave and top with a l’il lemon and soy sauce. Yum.

It’s just a matter of buying different things at the supermarket. You’re there anyway!

If you’re super-short on time, you are not relegated to eating a traditional meatloaf and mashed potatoes TV dinner from the 50’s.

You can buy something healthy in the same amount of time.

Belief #3: It’s faster to order chinese food. 

Reality: You can order ‘steamed’ in the same time it takes to order ‘fried’. 

Believe me - I get it. I live in NYC. I can have almost any ethnicity of food delivered to my home within 15 minutes.

It’s a blessing and a curse to have such great food so readily available - and all I have to do is pick up the phone.

But, just like with the frozen dinners, just because you’re ordering in doesn’t mean that you have to order in something dripping with oil and loaded with salt.

Ordering in does not have to be unhealthy.

Chinese restaurants know how to steam things. They also frequently offer brown rice.

Japanese restaurants have sushi - which can have a variety of healthy options.

There is always a way to healthify restaurant food.

If your priority is to have a healthy meal, you can absolutely make that happen - even if you’re calling out for delivery.

You have the time. Do you have the will?

I always say that if you have time to eat, you have time to eat healthy.

It’s true!

If you struggle with making healthy choices and knowing what to eat, I invite to keep clicking around on my website. There’s lots of good, free information here to start you down a healthier path.

To your health!