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Who Is Running Your Show?

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Do you ever find yourself doing something in your life - around the house, or out in public - and you have no idea how that particular behavior came to be a part of your M.O.? I’m not talking about those momentary brain lapses, when you can’t remember why you came into the kitchen. I’m talking about things like……the way you treat other people, or the way you think about work, or the way you handle money.

So much of how we operate in the world is ‘inherited’ from our family, our culture, our teachers, the social network we had growing up. This can serve us well - or not - depending on what we absorbed and how it landed on us. If we never move to question what we ‘inherited’, however, then we’ll never even know if we’re operating at our best.

One of my favorite things about being a grown-up is the part where you get to choose your own beliefs and behaviors. Until we question our own belief systems and choose our own behaviors, based on the adult who we would like to be, it’s almost as if someone else is running our show.

How often do you ask yourself: How did I come to believe what I believe about money/food/work/other people…..and do these beliefs fit with who I would like to be in the world?